How can I make my Halogen headlights look like Xenon headlights?

As we've talked about before, upgrading halogen headlights to xenon headlights can be a costly and lengthy process.

You may want to upgrade to a brighter, whiter light - for aesthetics or safety. But unfortunately, it isn't as easy as swapping one light for the other.

The car will need re-coding, re-wiring, and it's also quite possible that the xenon headlight is a (however slightly) different shape to the halogen counter-part.

In partnership with our manufacturing colleagues, we offer a great solution to allow you to have the exact appearance of the original xenon lights, but without the costly upgrade process.

Xenon-look Upgrade Sets

Whenever you see 'Xenon-look' on our products, they are aftermarket parts designed to look and feel exactly like the original xenon headlights available for that model.

They are still halogen-based - so avoid that need for reconfiguration and wiring - but paired with a bright and white light, they will offer a premium upgrade at a much lower cost.

An Example: BMW 3 Series (F30)

For example, take the 3 Series F30 from BMW. Many who own this magnificent car feel BMW missed the mark on their design of the standard halogen lights, and long for the much improved and stylish xenon-based upgrade option.

We offer the Xenon-look set at £499 (for both headlights), which should take a competent installer 2-3 hours maximum to fit (at, let's say, £60/hr).

Total cost of upgrade: £619.

If you were to consider upgrading to original xenon headlights instead, using our (already very competetive) pricing the headlights themselves come to £649 each, £1300 for the pair.

The kicker then comes in the form of increased work at the garage, needing coding equipment and navigating the front of the vehicle to ensure the new lights fit, as well as the wiring being suitable for a xenon-based system. You'll need extra parts too, like balasts, to support the new lights.

As an estimate, this would be at least 5-7 hours labour, which at the same £60/hr cost adds up to £300-£420. Combined with the cost of the headlights themselves, you're approaching £2000 for the full upgrade.

What cars have Xenon-look headlights available?

We're working with our partners to develop a wider range of Xenon-look headlights, as our customers have told us how happy they are with theirs. If you don't see your vehicle below, get in touch and let us know your vehicle should be a candidate for the next production!

Here is our currently-available range:

VW Bora (1999-2005)

Audi A1 (2010-2014) RHD and LHD

VW Transporter T5 / Caravelle

Vauxhall Astra G

Vauxhall Astra J

VW Golf MK7

BMW 3 Series F30 (Pre-Facelift)

VW Golf MK5

BMW 1 Series F20

Mini Cooper RHD and LHD