Eurowagens began in 2008, from the living room and imagination of Anna and Szczepan Pieslak, with a mission to share our passion for cars, bikes and other vehicles.

We've since grown to a team of six, and the company is moving forward at a rapid pace! We dedicate every day to making sure anyone looking for the best quality car parts can be made happy by what we sell and how we provide it. We're different because we know cars, especially car lighting - and we're always here to share that expertise whether you need a bulb or entire new headlights!


Meet The Team

Company Director

Favourite car: Too many!

Favourite aspect of working at Eurowagens: Introducing new products.

Fun fact: I only start doing something 15, 30, or 45 minutes past the hour!


Operations Manager

Favourite car: BMW X5 E70

Favourite aspect of working at Eurowagens: I love the friendly and relaxed atmosphere - it's as if we are working from home.

Fun fact: I’ve got a weird obsession with WWE…if you don’t know what it is, please don’t Google it :)



Office Supervisor

Favourite car: Maserati

Favourite aspect of working for Eurowagens: The family atmosphere!

Fun fact: I like to sing to the radio and don't care if my colleagues like it or not!



Customer Services

Favourite car: Urban Range Rover Sport SVR

Favourite aspect of working for Eurowagens: The fun!

Fun fact: I talk in my sleep


Warehouse Manager

Favourite car: Mercedes-Benz GLA

Favourite aspect of working for Eurowagens: Everyday there are new challenges!

Fun fact: I am an extremely good dancer!


Online Marketing Manager

Favourite car: Aston Martin Vanquish

Favourite aspect of working with Eurowagens: The fun, the honesty, and our passionate customers!

Fun fact: I'm a big fan of poker - playing and watching!