Brands (Automotive Lighting)

Magneti Marelli is a Fiat Group-owned Italy-based company with over 100 years of automotive experience. It has built its reputation by delivering high quality products ranging from electrical devices, start magnets, batteries, spark plugs, electronic control devices for ignition to satellite navigation systems and fuel management. Having connections with such European brands as Weber, Solex or Jaeger has made the company a strong and influential institution. Year 2001 brought the company to take over Automotive Lighting and become one of the most significant lighting producers worldwide. Magneti Marelli has set the standards for LED headlights with the introduction of first ever mass-produced full LED units to Audi R8 in 2007.

Being a company with traditions and of worldwide renown, Magneti Marelli has always stressed the importance of the environment friendliness with limiting the production of carbon dioxide and fuel consumption. If also focuses on increasing road safety by creating the most innovative lighting and navigation as well as smart investments in the overall development of ground-breaking technologies.

The key product of Magneti Marelli which is the full LED lamps in Audi R8 has proven the company’s creativity and devotion to upgrading the already existing lighting solutions. The outcome of their work has totally changed the worldwide perception of how the automakers should develop their creations. Mercedes-Benz has also gained from the input of Magneti Marelli's automotive lighting with the all-LED concept of the headlights, similar to the one of Audi R8. The collaboration with the Stuttgart partner has brought to the market an array of distinguished ideas on electronic control management. The key goal is to make the car become even more intelligent when it comes to improving the driver’s performance in specifically difficult conditions.

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