Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade your Car Headlamps

Every car in the UK needs to have functioning headlamps – apart from two types. If your car is ‘intended for use only in the hours of daylight’, or was made before January 1st 1931, relax, because you’re exempt! But for the rest of us…

Upgrading your vehicle’s headlamps and bulbs gives you a lot for your money – which is why we’re passionate about them! Here we fill you in on what we consider to be the top 3 benefits of updating yours, from what our customers have told us.

1. Make your car look (even) better


Lets face it, most of us try to keep our car looking its absolute best (though we probably should wash it a little more often!). Maybe we’ve added a spoiler, some decal stickers, or tinted the windows slightly for a more sleek look.

New headlamps can bring a more attractive design and a bright, clean finish to the front-angle of your prized possession. Take these Angel Eyes for example!

2. Brighter and safer performance

Newer and brighter headlights mean improved visibility – which means you and your car are safer at night. LED bulbs reach full brightness instantly, so you don’t need to wait for them to warm up to their safe level. They also last much longer and use a lot less energy, because there isn’t a filament to burn out.

3. Ensure your lights pass the M.O.T.

According to the official M.O.T. Inspection Manual, in order to successfully pass your car’s M.O.T and be legal to drive on the road, your headlamps must not be:

a) inoperative, excessively damaged or deteriorated or has a product on the lens or light source so that the light output is well below that required to illuminate the road ahead

b) an obligatory headlamp shows light that is not substantially white or yellow

c) adversely affected by the operation of any other lamp.

Also, as your headlamps are meant to be a pair, they must emit light of the same colour and be the same shape and size.

Upgrading Your Headlamps

Eurowagens specialise in the highest-quality headlamps, bulbs and other car lighting products. We do this because we love cars, and know how important incredible lighting is to people that share our passion.

We’re here to help if you need replacement headlamps and bulbs, or want to see if you can upgrade your current lighting system to something a bit more… special.

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