This Week in Automotive Lighting 31/03/2017

Welcome to another week's round-up of the comings and goings in the world of automotive lighting! This week we have new cars, emerging manufacturers, and an overview of our headlight guide series so far.

New 2017 Volvo XC60 Coming with 'Thor Hammer' LEDs

Volvo's previous flagship SUV sold over a million units, so anticipation is high for the 2017 edition of the XC60. The headlight design has got our office talking, with what has been dubbed the 'Thor Hammer' style giving a very distinctive look to the front of the car.

Prices will start from £37,205 and UK deliveries are expected over the next month or two.

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Taiwanese LED Manufacturers Increasing Competition

Digitimes reports that Taiwanese manufacturers of LED modules are competing ever-more successfully in the Chinese market. Taiwan's growth of automotive lighting companies is definitely beginning to make an impact on the wider international market - with the quality rising to be on-par with many O.E.M. part producers.

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Toothpaste Can Come in Handy

This week we also wrote an article covering ways to keep your headlights in tip-top condition. As part of our Headlight Guide Series, we found that toothpaste makes an incredibly efficient cleaner when it comes to removing the cloudy, yellow layer that often builds up on polycarbonate headlights! 

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