Osram Bulbs: Do they make a difference?

We’ve always supplied automotive lighting parts to the public and trade, but we recently undertook a project to offer a full range of bulbs too.

One of the first decisions to make was which brands to stock. Is there a difference, or is the cheapest option just fine?

Well, we took a look at the marketplace and came to one conclusion – our offering needed to include Osram.

Osram Bulbs

Osram are a German company specialising in high-quality bulbs of all kinds. From your kitchen spotlights, to outdoor floodlights and even bulbs designed to encourage growth of plants – Osram certainly know their stuff.

Their automotive lighting products are industry-standard – and for good reason. In 2015, Auto Express tested several Xenon bulbs on the market and found the Osram XENARC Night Breaker Unlimited range to produce 70% more light than competitors.

For cars, Osram have several ranges that attempt to fulfil various needs. The Night Breaker range focus on a brighter light, and more of it. The Cool Blue Intense bulbs have a blue coating that can look seriously swish, day and night - but still produce a white (not blue) light.

Should I opt for Osram Bulbs?

Whether Osram are right for you depends on what you want from your vehicle’s lighting. If a brighter, whiter and longer-lasting bulb is what you’re after – Osram is almost certainly the best way to go.

If you rarely drive at night, or don’t plan on keeping your vehicle for too long – standard Valeo bulbs will do the job well.