New Audi A7 Lighting Is Stunning

Audi have unveiled the second-generation A7 Sportback to much fanfare - and one of the most impressive new aspects is the lighting.

The rear lights are particularly interesting, spanning the entire width of the car - with a completely unique pattern and movement of the LEDs.

Here's a video of the rear lights in action:

The rear lights aren't the only lighting spectacular Audi had to offer yesterday, with the A7 Sportback's front headlights looking extremely solid too.

The headlights are fully-LED, for all functions including high beam, low beam and daytime running light.

Audi A7 Headlight DetailsAs well as being technically impressive, the lighting on this Audi A7 edition is simply stunning visually as well. The sharp edges and squinted-eye appearance is ultra-modern, and fits the design of the car's overall front-profile perfectly.

Artistic Audi A7 Headlight