We understand buying car lights directly, rather than relying on a dealership or your garage, may be a new idea for you. It can feel a bit more risky - maybe it's better to let the dealership get on with it and sort it for you? Well, you could save a lot of money by buying direct, and it isn't as scary as it might seem! 

Can I buy car lights myself?

Yes! When you approach your dealership for replacement or upgraded lights, they will go to similar sources to our suppliers. They will normally be Genuine or O.E.M. lights, which means they are the same part that came with the original car (but O.E.M. doesn't have the car make's logo on - that's the only difference). The problem is, they add a rather large margin on top - money you didn't need to spend.

(For more detail on this, see our blog post on Genuine vs. O.E.M. vs. Aftermarket Headlights)

Will a garage/dealership still fit them?

99% of the time - yes. Most will be perfectly happy for you to supply your own parts, and understand that they are made by the same manufacturers that they would have sourced from in the first place. You could always check before commiting to having any work done.

What do they cost? How much can I save?

We don't have direct comparisons - as everyone's pricing can be different. But from our varied experiences with dealership pricing, we can supply lighting parts at up to a third of the price that you would pay if you just accepted their quote. For example, a set of headlights might be quoted at £900, but we would have the same part for closer to £300-500. That's with fast and free delivery to the UK mainland, too! 

How much a garage charges to fit lights, especially headlights, can vary too. But we wrote a handy guide that should give you some idea of the cost of installing headlights.

Why should I buy them myself?

Cost is obviously the major factor. But we also offer a 1yr guarantee on every single item you purchase from us, and we really know our stuff. Mechanics and garages do great work, we love them ourselves. But as lighting specialists, we've seen every headlight around. We know that this fog light only fits certain models. We know this bulb fits here but not here. We're experts.

Is it not more stress to buy directly?

Not at all. OK, it isn't as easy as letting a dealership deal with it all for you, but they aren't telling you the full story, nor the full cost. The process is really, really easy (at least with us!). Choose the make/model and year of your vehicle. Find your part. Order, and we'll send it tracked and couriered to arrive either next day, or within 2 days maximum. If you run in to any problems, or questions come to mind, we're here to help.

5 minutes can save you hundreds of pounds!

Where can I learn more?

If you'd still like to know a little more, we post regular guides on our blog, which should cover nearly every question you might have about buying and installing replacement or upgraded headlights.

You can of course contact us at any time too - we're in the office 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. You can email us, call us, visit us, tweet us, Inbox us on Facebook, and even live chat with us!