Volkswagen Golf (MK6 09-12)

golfmk6ransparent.jpgThe VW Golf Mk6 is one of the most popular hatchbacks in the UK (second, after the Ford Fiesta). It isn't hard to see why. We stock lights for every part of every Golf model (even back to Mk1!) so you're sure to find what you need below.

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Help and Guidance Buying Headlights

Help & Guidance

Headlight Buyer's Guide

Read our ultimate guide to buying headlights here. Covering the difference between Halogen, Xenon and LED - as well as how to choose between headlight manufacturers.

New to buying your own lights?

We explain why it may be better to buy your own lights, how much you could save, and more advice if this is the first time you're buying your own parts in our First Time Buyer's guide.

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